Emotional Waterfall and Jemma Burnsell.jpg

ABOUT Emotional waterfall (& JEMMA)

Is a universe of patterns imagined by me / surfaces become transformed by mindful brush marks. A harmonious yet vibrant colour palette to create the final pattern. No surface is safe / I visualise marks all day as I navigate my day around my city of Bristol. I love to rework and recycle items from plant pots to textiles/ walls and furniture transforming found things into beautiful new objects that sing with colour & life and my vibrant signature. I have worked with some amazing clients and feel so much gratitude for the opportunities that come my way. Endless possibilities as my work grows and the freedom to adapt and create the universe that is EMOTIONAL WATERFALL.


Creating ART is my happy & mindful place I have always had creativity in my life and feel like this part of the journey where I am the sole originator has only just begun 

Let it flow


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